No parking stickers for poorly parked car


No parking stickers easy to stick

To get rid of poorly parked cars

Simple yet impactful, these stickers offer a practical solution to address unauthorized parking

Format: rectangular
Size: 9 x 13 cm / 3.54 inch x 5.12 inch
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Strong adhesive for secure attachment

Equipped with a robust adhesive, our stickers ensure a secure attachment to surfaces, preventing easy removal. This feature enhances the longevity of the deterrent effect.
No Parking Stickers act as an immediate deterrent, prompting drivers to respect parking regulations.

Immediate visual communication

Our No Parking Stickers provide an instant and clear message, signaling restricted parking zones.
The bold design ensures immediate recognition, fostering compliance with parking regulations.

Helps fight against parking abuse

You are tired of facing parking problems, in your home, in your parking lot, in front of your garage.
You constantly see excessive parking on cycle paths, in spaces reserved for the disabled, at electric vehicle charging stations.
You are a taxi driver, firefighter, ambulance driver and annoying parking lots often disrupts you in the course of your job.

illegal parking sticker

no parking sticker hard to remove

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