Illegal parking stickers. Risk of impoundment


No parking stickers

Risk of impoundment.
These stickers stick to car windows and indicate that the vehicle is parked incorrectly.
A parking ban can therefore be indicated using these stickers which are difficult to remove.

Format: square
Size: 12 x 12 cm / 4,72 x 4.72 inch
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No parking paper stickers. Impoundment

They make it possible to alert motorists that they are parked incorrectly to avoid repeat offenses.
These parking ban stickers are in no way intended to destroy, degrade or damage vehicles.

Threat of impoundment

Also, it is recommended to stick only one sticker per vehicle and the sticker must not obstruct the driver’s view.
Therefore, you should not stick the sticker on the windshield, rear window, mirrors or on the vehicle body.

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